Frequently Asked Questions

Will it stop my hair from falling out? 

You will definitely see less fallout from using Grow It Girl. How much depends on genetics, age, and the hair's natural shedding stage. It won't completely stop shedding mostly because our hair is made to fall out eventually, but the effect will be immediate and you will definitely see less hair on your sink.

So if I stop using it will it start falling out again?

That's a tricky question because everyone is different. I can't say for certain that it won't start back up like it used to or not. The simplest answer is Grow It Girl feeds each hair follicle with vitamins and nutrients to both stimulate growth and make a stronger follicle. When new growth sprouts it enters the 'growing stage', which will usually last a few years and is unlikely to fall out. Each strand goes through a growth and shedding cycle and depending on what stage your hair is in it will continue in that process. Each strand is different (we typically lose about 50-150 strands a day). When those nutrients and vitamins are no longer being fed into the follicle it will follow your normal shedding process, it won't just drop off your head if that's what you're worried about.

Will this help me with postpartum hair loss? 

Oh my goodness, yes! When I created this product I was simply trying to grow my hair longer. After I had my second baby my postpartum hair loss was insane! I picked up my bottle and began using it almost daily. The shedding slowed way down (to how it was before baby) and the new hair started growing so quickly. So from my own experience it saved me from crying in the shower many times. 

Can you guarantee hair growth?

No I can't, but I really wish I could! The truthful answer is that genetics and age will play a big part in how much or little your hair will grow. I wish I could say I had the magic wand to make your hair longer immediately. Consequently, I haven't had a customer tell me that they haven't seen any growth from using this product. Everyone should see some kind positive effect from using Grow It Girl. See below.

I started using Grow It Girl and I don't see growth yet, but my hair feels softer and healthier. Am I imagining things?

No! Finally a no that I like using. It's true, Grow It Girl not only stimulates hair growth but also diminishes scalp issues like dandruff, dryness, and itchiness to name a few -– a healthy scalp means healthy hair! It will also lay down the cuticles of your hair, so the shine your suddenly seeing is not a figment of your imagination. The best part is that it isn't the product that is just sitting on your hair to make it 'appear' shiny, Grow It Girl will penetrate each strand and beautify from the inside out, so it's actually your own hair's ability to shine! The essential oils have also been carefully blended to ensure their homeopathic properties haven't been disturbed, meaning that it is also good for emotional balance. Spray a little over your heart to open up your heart chakra and allow positivity in and rid yourself of negative thoughts/memories. For reals. 

So I can use it for emotional balance, anything else?

Yes!  Grow It Girl is a great mild astringent even for sensitive skin types.  And no, it won't turn you into the bearded lady if you use it on your face. The simple answer is that the hair on our faces (Vellus) is different from the hair on our heads, it is finer and less visible and has a different growth/shedding phase. In other words, it's different and won't grow past a few centimeters. As an astringent, Grow It Girl will diminish blemishes, clean pores and heal your skin by ridding it of old yucky dirt and dead cells, and replenishing your skin with nutrients to encourage cell renewal. Use it after you cleanse your face and before your moisturize, once or twice daily should do the trick.  

Can men use Grow It Girl? 

No. Kidding! Of course men can use it! As long they don't mind the pretty pink bottle on their bathroom counter! Unfortunately it won't treat baldness, but you can use it to grow longer hair. In fact, if you're a dude and you use Grow It Girl I will give you your next bottle free for being awesome. Just send us a photo of you with your bottle, or tag us on instagram! #GrowItDude #IHeartMimi 



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