In 2010 I was very unhappy with the way my hair looked and felt.  I wanted to grow my hair fast, but in a healthy way.  There was very little information to help me on my frustrating hair growth journey. I joined a hair community online and tried a million different recipes on the forums for conditioning and growth, some even included food products and others strange ingredients and herbs. Many kinda worked, but most of the time it left my hair feeling sticky or stiff with no real results on my growth. I literally sat in front of my bathroom mirror every night and measured my hair with a tape measurer. I finally had enough with the vinegar rinses and banana-avocodo bits in my hair and began researching East Indian hair care and began practicing their hair care regimen. Guess what? It started working! I took what I already knew about essential oils and created a leave-in spray that was inspired by the methods that I learned from my research. I finally began seeing the results I was looking for from the spray I made on my stove and practicing the hair care regimen I learned from these methods.




It wasn't enough that I was finally seeing results, I wanted to know "why" and find out everything I could about hair. The deeper I delve, the clearer it became that there was a science behind hair care and beauty.  I felt like I had found a key to a secret door. I tweaked my recipe with these new findings and at once everything clicked. Suddenly my hair was shinier, longer, lustrous and other wonderful words to describe beautiful hair. No more product build-up. No more layering and layering products to achieve a desired look. Less, I learned is more... if you have the right stuff.

I still get giddy when I see an order come in. I don’t think that will ever get old.
— Janey (Mimi)




After about a year, I had grown at least 12 inches with monthly trims in between. When friends began noticing my hair and asking about what products I was using. I gave them a few bottles of my leave-in spray in 99¢ bottles from Target and the response was overwhelming.  They kept asking for more and actually wanted to pay me money. My husband finally convinced me to start a business and sell it after I told him I was thinking about contacting a big company to create something similar for them. He thought I was crazy for wanting to give my idea away to another company, but my goal was to help someone else on their hair growth journey even if it meant I never saw a dime. He told me I was crazy.




The truth was I didn't think I could do it on my own. I didn't think anyone would take me seriously. I am not a "hair guru", I don't have a million followers on YouTube.  I felt like I needed somebody else to back me up in order to give me some credibility. I am a wife and mother in a little town in Utah with a deep love for beauty products and a passion for healthy skin and hair. My husband pushed me to go for it and my kids inspire me daily to keep pushing myself. How could I teach them to follow their dreams and passions without following my own? And that was the spark. If being an example for kids wasn't enough, the faith my husband had in me was. At dinner one night he convinced me that little me was enough. With his conviction in my heart, and only that, we took the first steps to license my business and the rest is history.




A few years later we were ready to get these bad babes out in the wide world. In December of 2014 we finally launched and the response was incredible. We sold 36 bottles in the first two weeks and the numbers kept climbing. I remember every customer from those first months and nothing makes my heart happier than when I see their name pop up for a new bottle. It never gets old, sometimes I have to pinch myself and I'm so grateful that I get to do what I love every single day. From the beginning, I said if I helped just one person it would all be worth it. We are now in over 100 retail stores in the U.S. 

I was right. It's worth it every single time!